Integrated Policy

(Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environment)

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. is a company in the metal / automotive sector that develops activities of Design and manufacture of bodies for minibuses and midibuses.

The Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety management policy provides a reference framework for the establishment of objectives.

The organization is committed to achieving the satisfaction of its customers by ensuring the highest quality in all its production processes, to providing a safer and healthier working environment and conditions, eliminating hazards and reducing risks to OSH, as well as the deterioration of health for its personnel, and to implementing pollution prevention measures and the sustainable use of resources.

The pillars on which the Integrated Policy of CARROCERIAS FERQUI, S.L. is based are:

• To carry out our daily work, with the highest quality in permanent innovation, so that we provide our customers with safety, comfort and profitability in their investments in bodywork.
• Guarantee an agile after-sales service that resolves the requests of our customers, offering advice from a team of professionals with extensive experience.
• Identify, communicate and comply with applicable legal or regulatory requirements, as well as those of the client and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
• Implement processes that promote the prevention of harm and deterioration of the health of its personnel and people accessing the workplace.
• Promote the training and awareness of staff in aspects related to occupational health and safety and environmental aspects linked to our activity. Inform and train our employees extensively about the risks linked to our activity and their functions.
• Enhance the consultation and participation of staff and their representatives.
• Reduce the environmental impacts generated by the use and handling of chemical and hazardous substances, water and energy consumption, fuel consumption, generation of emissions, noise and discharges, and inadequate waste management.
• Seek greater environmental compatibility of the materials used, taking into account their life cycle and using raw materials, energy and water as sparingly as possible. Require our suppliers to meet special environmental standards.
• Continuously improve the management of Quality, Health and Safety at Work and the Environment and the performance of the organization in all senses.

The Management recognizes as its ultimate objective the continuous improvement of the Management System, the improvement of customer satisfaction, the prevention of damage and deterioration of health, and the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution. Therefore, the objectives set will seek to improve in these three aspects, taking into account the adequacy of the product with the customer’s expectations.

February 12, 2024