Code of Ethics

1. Loyalty to the company

All persons subject to this Code of Ethics must act loyally, trying to avoid situations that may cause damage to the company or generate conflicts of interest.

2. Reputation Building

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. and its team of professionals carry out their work with solvency, honesty, loyalty and commitment, strengthening, day after day, the name of their company.

3. Human rights and protection of persons

All actions and practices carried out by persons subject to this code of ethics shall be carried out in compliance with and scrupulously respecting the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; in the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles of Labour Law and in the UN Global Compact on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. In addition, it undertakes not to resort to child, forced, coercive labour or to hire workers illegally established in Spain.

4. Equality and non-discrimination

Disrespect or hostile attitude towards other workers, collaborators and third parties is not tolerated, and the dignity of people and non-discrimination are fundamental principles that must govern the behaviour of all the company’s personnel.

5. Avoid conflicts of interest

In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1, persons shall refrain from influencing or intervening in decision-making in situations in which they directly or indirectly have a personal interest. They will also refrain from taking part in any private or personal activity, avoiding any situation that may represent a conflict between personal interests and business interests.

6. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures

No person subject to this code of ethics will accept or deliver gifts, gifts, gifts or any other commercial attention, which, due to their value, characteristics or circumstances, are outside of social uses or could imply an alteration in the development of their activities.

7. Confidentiality

CARROCERRIAS FERQUI S.L. has the obligation to comply with current legislation on the protection of personal data, both of its customers, suppliers and employees, maintaining professional secrecy.

8. Employee Relations

It undertakes to provide all the resources and measures necessary to achieve the highest quality standards, as well as to carry out training plans for its workers, complying with the provisions of labour and occupational health and safety regulations, especially the collective agreement and social security matters. In addition, it is committed to fostering a climate of camaraderie, teamwork, equality and non-discrimination.

9. Customer Relations

For CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L., relationships based on trust, mutual respect and stability are a fundamental value. A high commitment of honesty, respect and professionalism towards customers will be maintained, communicating with them in a clear and transparent way.

10. Supplier Relations

Suppliers are a fundamental asset to the achievement of its goals of growth, excellence and quality. Their election will be made on the basis of objectivity, impartiality and transparency, without regard to conflicts of interest.

11. Market Relations

It works every day to achieve the highest standards of quality and comfort in its products, including respect for its competitors, avoiding deceptive, fraudulent, malicious or degrading practices or conduct, strictly complying with the laws of defense of competition, and the laws regulating intellectual and industrial property.

12. False use of payment methods

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. offers its customers simple, secure and efficient payment mechanisms, therefore, it will ensure that financial transactions and payments are secured and confidential.

13. Compliance with accounting and financial regulations

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. is committed to faithfully complying with accounting and financial regulations, for which all transactions must be clearly recorded in the accounting and commercial books.

14. Compliance with tax and fiscal regulations

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. is committed to faithfully complying with tax, fiscal and customs regulations.

15. Prevention of money laundering and terrorism

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. undertakes not to maintain any type of commercial relationship or carry out commercial operations or operations of any nature with companies or entities that may have the purpose of money laundering.

16. Political Parties

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. does not make any type of donation, nor does it receive gifts, cash, gifts or gifts to political parties.

17. Protection of the environment and territory

CARROCERÍAS FERQUI S.L. is a company committed and responsible to the environment, therefore, it ensures compliance with current regulations and legislation, policies and international standards for the protection of the environment and the territory. Persons subject to this code of ethics must carry out their activities and functions respecting the environment, assuming behavioural guidelines aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources, pollution and waste and promoting energy saving.