Equality Policy

The Management of CARROCERÍAS FERQUI, S.L., bases its equality policy on the following principles and commitments:

▪ All employees have the right to have their dignity respected, as well as the obligation to treat the people with whom they interact for work reasons (customers, suppliers, etc.) with respect. Therefore, the management of the company declares that sexual harassment and/or harassment based on sex will not be allowed or tolerated under any circumstances. They should not be ignored. And they will be punished heavily.

▪ The company is committed to establishing mechanisms for the detection of new inequalities, as well as implementing the necessary procedures that contribute to continuous improvement in terms of equality.

▪ CARROCERÍAS FERQUI, S.L. is one of the business groups with more than 50 workers, which is why it has drawn up and is implementing an Equality Plan with the scope and content established by law, which has been the subject of negotiation with the Social Representation, and therefore expresses the regulatory obligation and also the moral and social obligation. to comply with it.

▪ The new regulations are very active in terms of additional provisions on Labour and Social Security, compliance with legal regulations and the company’s internal regulations, which are one of the priority objectives for the company, in terms of equality and gender violence.

▪ Establish a culture of continuous improvement, through the establishment of equality objectives that will be periodically reviewed.
In order to continue making progress in the management of equality, this policy will be periodically reviewed for its continuous adaptation, it is communicated and communicated to all the people who work for the organization and it is kept available to interested parties.

Signed in Noreña, 12 February 2024.